Saying this wouldn’t be wrong, every employee matters a lot as they contribute to the company in several possible ways. This is the reason why companies should hire employees carefully only after making background checks. A comprehensive background check includes criminal records, previous workplace, commercial records, and many other details. Background checks of employees confirm the authenticity of a person’s job history so it is the most significant step of hiring. To safeguard a company from fraud practices and bad reputation, only the right and suitable candidate should be hired. Let’s dive into this blog to find out how companies do background checks in India.

A list of benefits of background checks for employees in India

Companies that perform employee screening and background checks can witness these benefits:

Upholds the company’s reputation

No company wants its reputation to be tarnished because of some fraud practices of the employees. When a company skips the background screening, they don’t get to find out about their criminal history. If a company is hiring an employee with a questionable work history, this could directly impact Company’s reputation. By screening the employees, companies can lessen the loss of business as well as brand image.

Better employee retention rate

There’s a need to follow a stern hiring strategy and background checks during the hiring process. This helps companies to form a team of employees that are trustworthy and capable to stay with the company for a longer time. The entire recruitment and training process is time-consuming and requires effort. A thorough background screening will let you find a candidate who can provide a long-term commitment.

Helps in creating a safer workplace

An employment background screening is crucial as it helps reduce the occurrence of workplace conflicts in the future. During the background screening, you can get to know which candidate is a threat to the company’s policy and work culture.

Crucial steps of a background check process in India

Employees always wonder how companies do background checks in India. Thanks to digitization, there’s the availability of public data such as driver’s licenses and criminal records. These help companies in performing background checks with ease. Once the candidates have cleared the selection procedure, companies start their background screening. Verification of employees’ backgrounds usually takes around 5 to 6 days.

Companies perform several checks on different parameters to ensure that they are hiring the right candidate. These background checks include:

·         Employment verification

This is the foremost thing that a company does during background checks. The company contacts the previous employer of the candidate to verify their work experience, designation, performance, and many other things. Sometimes, they also verify the job responsibilities that the candidate performed in the previous company.

·         Identity verification

Another crucial parameter of an employee’s background check is verification of identity. This sort of verification helps the company to know whether the candidate can uphold the company’s ethics or not. To ensure a safe workplace, companies ask for government-issued ID cards such as PAN cards, Aadhar cards, and driving licenses.

·         Education Verification

The company may check the candidate’s educational qualifications by contacting the educational institutions. In addition to this, verification of educational qualifications and approval of the university is also verified by the company.

·         Criminal record verification

The company sometimes also conducts a criminal record check of the candidate to make sure he/she is the right employee. Companies do this background screening by contacting the local police station. Any sort of negative and criminal record will ultimately ruin the company’s hard-earned reputation. So, it’s better to undertake this verification process.

·         Reference verification

Last but not least, checking the reference of the candidate is also crucial. Companies perform a reference check to verify their job responsibility, work performance, and social behavior. In India, companies do reference checks by contacting the candidate’s previous colleagues or the reporting manager.

What companies and business verticals require employee background checks?

Whether it’s a large private company or a reputed government organization, they all need to perform an extensive background check. In India, companies that want to ensure a safe workplace consisting of vulnerable people require a stern background check. Some of them are:

·         Government organizations

·         IT, accounting, banking, and financial industries

·         healthcare and Legal advisory and services

·         Educational institutes and manufacturing industries

·         Companies or sectors that require license or identity proof

To sum up

In conclusion, stern background checks of employees can help companies to create a safer workplace and ensure long-term relationships. So, the importance of conducting background checks in India cannot be overlooked. From this article, you must have got an insight into –How does companies do background checks in India. With extensive background checks of employees, companies will be able to maintain their reputation and get the right candidate.

At times, conducting background checks in India can be challenging due to several factors. So, it’s better to get connected with screening firms such as Vfact Services which makes the entire employee background checks and screening easier and smoother.

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