Trust, Transparency, and Accuracy

Founded in 2015, VFact Services has emerged as a leading provider of background verification solutions in India. With a strong focus on transparency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction, we have earned the trust of businesses across various sectors.

About The VFact Services

VFact, established in 2015, initially operated in the field of Background Verification, specializing in Physical Address Verification. 

Presently, we are recognized as M/s VFact SERVICES, offering comprehensive employment screening solutions to companies, both nationally and globally.

We Serve Better

With a wide range of services spanning across India, we pride ourselves on delivering satisfactory customer service, competitive pricing, and unparalleled turnaround times. Currently, we are proud associates of over 50 clients across various sectors, serving all states and union territories in India, including Healthcare, SEM, Logistics, Telecommunications, Retail, and more. Our commitment lies in providing precise and reliable information to empower our clients in making informed hiring decisions.

Expanding beyond India, VFact now boasts a global presence, delivering services across multiple countries. From criminal background checks to digital ID verification, our multilingual teams ensure thorough coverage worldwide.

In addition to our core services, VFact also conducts physical site-visit verifications for hospitals and companies, further enhancing our comprehensive background screening solutions. Our dedication to client satisfaction and faith continues to be the driving force behind our success.

Benefits of joining hands with VFact Services

VFact Services also do physical site-visit verification of various hospitals and companies for their associate partners. With our complete solution in the field of Background screening we always win our client faith and satisfaction.

Thorough Verification

Our meticulous approach ensures every detail is thoroughly checked, leaving no room for oversight.

Analyzed Report

Our comprehensive reports are meticulously analyzed, providing clear insights and actionable information.

Excellent Operations

Our efficient and effective operations guarantee smooth and hassle-free service delivery.

Trustworthy Reports

With a commitment to accuracy and reliability, our reports are trusted by clients worldwide.

One Stop Solution For All Kind of Verifications

From background checks to site visits, we offer a complete suite of verification services under one roof.

Cost Effective

We provide cost-effective solutions without compromising on the quality and depth of our services.

What Our Clients Say

VFact Services is an amazing background verification company. They have helped me to hire the right candidates for my company. Their services are top-notch and they deliver accurate results in a timely manner. I highly recommend them!

Upendra Gupta

HR Manager

VFact Services has been an excellent partner in our recruitment process. They provide thorough background verification services that have helped us make informed decisions about potential hires. I appreciate their attention to detail and the quality of their work.

Amit Kumar


I have used VFact Services for several years and have always been impressed with their professionalism and expertise. They have consistently provided accurate and reliable background verification reports. I highly recommend their services to any company looking for employee verification.

Pankaj Kumar

Senior Manager

Tools & Platforms

by Vfact Services

At VFact Services, we understand the crucial need for choosing the perfect candidate for your company. That’s why we’ve crafted exclusive tools, software, and platforms to simplify background verification, guaranteeing swiftness, precision, and affordability.

  • VFact:VERIFY Portal

    Centralized hub for seamless collaboration, enabling efficient project management.

  • Customized Solutions

    Tailored offerings meeting unique client needs, boosting productivity effectively.

  • Enhanced Reporting

    Beyond standard reports, providing actionable insights for informed decisions.

VFact Services Edge

Global Presence

Delivering services across multiple countries, from criminal checks to ID verification. Our global presence and multilingual teams ensure coverage.

Elite Affiliations

As a proud member of NASSCOM, we uphold industry excellence and cutting-edge practices, ensuring unparalleled service quality.

Accessible Support

Our dedicated personnel are available around the clock to provide assistance. Drop email to experience our dedication.

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