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Over 30% Increase In The Healthcare Sector In & Beyond 2020!

Healthcare is one industry that comes together as the lifeline of humanity. To find a valuable fit for this industry is not only essential but crucial too. Organizations around the world need to keep the medical and ethical standards in mind while keeping in mind a well-crafted code of conduct of each individual.

Thus, background screening of this industry becomes extremely important!

Here’s what every organization working in the healthcare industry needs to check before hiring a professional.

  • Professional License Check.

  • Education Verification.

  • Pre & Post Employment Verification.

Tools & Platforms

by Vfact Services

At VFact Services, we understand the crucial need for choosing the perfect candidate for your company. That’s why we’ve crafted exclusive tools, software, and platforms to simplify background verification, guaranteeing swiftness, precision, and affordability.

  • VFact:VERIFY Portal

    Centralized hub for seamless collaboration, enabling efficient project management.

  • Customized Solutions

    Tailored offerings meeting unique client needs, boosting productivity effectively.

  • Enhanced Reporting

    Beyond standard reports, providing actionable insights for informed decisions.

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Delivering services across multiple countries, from criminal checks to ID verification. Our global presence and multilingual teams ensure coverage.

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As a proud member of NASSCOM, we uphold industry excellence and cutting-edge practices, ensuring unparalleled service quality.

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