Education Verification

Verifying Education Claims For You! Strengthen education authenticity of your team. Get verification reports in the fastest time possible! Start Here. Enquiry Now Assuring Full-Proof Information, Every Time Reach any university across the world to verify your candidate’s claims. With our dynamic teams in multiple locations, we assure our associates of full-proof information on a […]

Global Database, Sanctions & PEP

A Global Affair When large-scale companies expand their presence by hiring workforce from across the globe, a grave concern looms over their existence. The increasing complexity of hiring for multiple verticals, locations & structures, companies often find themselves in an overwhelming spot of keeping up with the regulatory authorities. Our access to Global watchlists, Sanctions […]

Reference Check

Forged Reference Checks Are A Real Thing! Did you know references can be fake or influenced, which makes reference checks difficult? VFACT can help you verify the references of any candidate cost-effectively and efficiently. Enquiry Now Reference Checks Were Never This Easy And Accurate! Our Reference Checks use 13 unique KPI – Key Performance Indicators […]

Credit Check

Credible History Assures An Incredible Future! Confirming a person’s integrity is extremely important and sensitive. One can never be thorough with his/her credit history. Enquiry Now Be 100% Sure Of A Candidate’s Credit History One can never be sure of an individual’s identity, primarily when he/she works as an accountant, financial broker, banker, and so […]

Civil Check

Reliable Civil Background Checks Trust VFact’s expertise for thorough civil background checks, ensuring transparency and confidence in your hiring process. Our advanced software delivers accurate results, empowering informed decisions. Enquiry Now Comprehensive Civil Background Checks A civil check is crucial for verifying a candidate’s background, ensuring workplace transparency. It delves into civil litigation or legal […]

Digital ID Verification

Digital ID Verification Screening hundreds of resumes daily creates gaps in quality & surety of a candidature. VFACT offers steadfast employment verification services domestically as well as globally. Through its legitimate affiliations with legal, civil & educational institutions worldwide, VFACT makes screen a candidate resume thoroughly. Enquiry Now A Gamut Of Verification Services Under One […]

Court Check

Confident Hiring Starts Here Gain peace of mind with our comprehensive court check solutions. Make informed hiring decisions with reliable insights into candidates’ legal histories. Enquiry Now Comprehensive Court Check Services Our court check services delve deep into court records to uncover any relevant legal proceedings, including criminal cases, civil suits, and bankruptcies. We meticulously […]

Identity Verification

Identity Verifications Simplified Don’t go flat when checking the identity of a candidate, especially when you can rely on a cohesive team and modern-tech to the job for you. Enquiry Now Accurate Results in Under 48-Hours We will knock every door, screen and scan thousands of documents to get just the right information for you. […]

Criminal Check

Is your company crime-proof? Living in India is not the same as living in the Philippines. The laws and regulations are different at every level of the country’s setup. Hence, finding a convicted person or misdemeanour in the track record is difficult to come by. Hence, a criminal background check is extremely important for every […]

Digital Address Verification

Verify Addresses digitally! Verify addresses in the quickest possible time. Get your free trial by VFACT today! Enquiry Now Digital Address Verification, Sorted! You only need 5-10 minutes to verify the address of an individual. And guess what? You can do this verification anywhere in the world. VFACT has developed a digital address verification tool […]